Experience Points: Make them work for you

There are many ways to use your experience points;

4 XP for Advancement (one of the following): Spend to purchase a new skill, add 4 points to your stats, add 1 Effort or add 1 Edge permanently. (note you must do each of these to raise one tier)

4XP Non Character Advancement: Reduce Armour Cost by 1
Add 2 to your Recovery Rolls
Select a new Fighting Move/Esotery/Trick of the Trade (depending on class) which must be of the same or lower tier

3 XP (long term benefits): Familiarity: +1 Asset to a task
Contact: Long-Term NPC contact (in line with story)
Home: Establish a home/safehouse (in line with story)
Title or Honorarium: (in line with story)
Wealth: Up to 500 shin (in line with story)
Artifact: Able to create an artifact (ability determines materials)

2XP (Short term benefits): Gain a temporary skill or object to help with a short term situation

1 XP (Immediate Benefit): Reroll any roll (may be done multiple times)
Deny a GM intrusion (unless 1 is rolled on die) Welcome to your campaign!

Experience Points: Make them work for you

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