Tuss Tono

Level 3 Human, Level 6 for social checks


The owner of the Wind’s Whistle Inn located near the dock district in the city of Mulen. Tuss once wondered through the southern Steadfast as a member of the Scions of the Four Winds during their heyday around 40 years ago. He is his mid sixties and his adventuring life has certainly taken a toll on him. His thinning hair is silver and his constant stubble and weary gaze are a symbol of is former life as much as the shining biomechanics right arm and eye. Both of his augmetics whirl and click as he regals his regulars and travellers with tales of Ancuanian women and the steppes of the Pytharon Empire. Beneath his shop an old scout lance safe house still remains and houses an assortment of oddities and numenera from his years of adventuring. It is here that the player characters will first be equipped and inducted into the Scions.


Tuss Tono

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