Scions of the Four Winds

Introductions and Revelations

1st Session

Your group was invited to the sea dock district of Melen, the capital of Iscobal. There you were introduced to Tuss Tono, the sole survivor (as far as he knows) of the Scions of the Four Winds. You learned that your parents and other members of you family were once part of the adventuring Order. You accepted his offer to carry on the family tradition and joined the Scions. Your overarching quest; to discover the state of the Scions. Each of the nine kingdoms of the Steadfast once housed Scion safe houses where dangerous numenera was taken to be stored or disposed to keep it from the clutches of The Convergence, a shadowy organization bent of global domination by taking control of numenera and weapons of the Ancients. Tuss sent you on your first mission. To contact a crime syndicate headed by a man known only as Dracogen and sabotage his mission of collecting a dangerous artifact housed in a floating bastion of the Ancients 80km offshore.
You made contact with the smuggler vessel Water’s Blade and her captain Anastasia. She directed you to Dracogen. Dracogen hired you to collect numenera and valuables from the floating bastion and return them to him.
Arriving at the bastion you delved the ruins of a conical tower which dominated the plaform. Searching through the demolished and long ago ranstacked tower you felt as though this was a wild goose chase until your searching antagonized a Plasmar who has made the ruins his den. After a protracted combat you bested the creature and explored the lower reaches of the bastion all the while being harassed by some sort shadow creature. Collecting numenera and trinkets you egressed the platform and returned to Dracogen but located no artifact or numenera that Tuss feared was on the platform.However you can’t shake the feeling that maybe something that should have stayed the platform left with you.
You have now returned to Dracogen and pleased with you work he has tasked you to recover a cypher know as the Revitalizer for him, stolen by a college known. You have taken the job (at a hefty profit thanks to some cunning negotiation by the group’s nano). How dangerous will the recover be and what, if anything, came off the platform with you. You will find out in the next session.



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